Vape Basics - Must Read if Attending VapeConf

If you are interested in vaping but haven’t yet tried it out, then you no doubt have a lot of questions. Ask 10 people who vape, and you will get 10 different responses regarding what product you get and why. While people will quote things like price and selection, this doesn’t always interest every consumer on the market. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to discuss vaping from the perspective of efficiency.

What does this mean? Well, different vaporizers have different efficiencies. For example, they will use more or less of the product available. While a bigger deal for those using vaporizers for cannabis, it is still important for those who are interested in using them for e-juice. So, let’s take a moment and describe what to be aware of when finding the most efficient vaporizer for your needs. Need more information on portable vapes?

Vapes run on different types of batteries. It's important to get authentic vape batteries, I'd suggest getting them from Vape Craft. You can browse Vape Craft's vape batteries here. You also need a vape battery charger. I would stay away from Conduction, Convection, And Beyond

Typically speaking, the majority of loose leaf and dried herb vaporizers use either a conduction or convection method of heating. Conduction is where metal heats metal, producing the heat required to burn the herb. Convection is where gas or liquid is heated in order to burn the product. Typically, convection is considered a more efficient option for dried herbs and flowers. However, if you are interested in e-juice, then you won’t have to worry about this.

There are countless e-juice pens out there that function in such a way as to remove the issue of conduction or convection. Instead, you get a similar system across products, guaranteeing a level of quality every time you use it.

For getting into the nitty gritty of efficiency, different models will matter. Even when you purchase vape juice wholesale, you will still benefit from having a vape pen that uses everything that you have in the cartridge. Without that, you will waste a lot of money, and even risk some of the product being lost as you are using it. With both equally unsatisfying options, there is a far better way.

Finding The Right Vape Pen For You

vape penThere are two ways to keep down your costs when considering e-juice. The first is to research a vape pen that works for you. The second is to buy bulk e juice. Vape pens differ dramatically based on who is manufacturing them. You can sometimes find really good deals on expensive vape pens, saving you lot of money while getting a product you can rely on. While cheaper vape pens may be appealing, remember the materials that go into the product and its design dictate that price. With cheaper costs comes far less usability.

The other thing to consider is getting your vape juice wholesale. Thankfully, you have several options out there. Again you will want to spend some time researching what is available to you. The more you read positive reviews about a company, the more you can be sure that the product they are selling lives up to their claims. By buying bulk e juice, you can save a great deal on each individual one, providing you a supply for some time to come.